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Understanding how your body functions is essential to healing, and this is why we get the results that we do.

Through Dr.Benjamin Leyva’s unique approach to healing, in one year of being open was voted the best Chiropractor in El Paso by the El Paso times readers and has more results and testimonials than Doctors and Hospitals who have been around El Paso for 30 years. This is in part because he will only accept patients he feels are candidates for care and if he feels you need other treatment then you will be referred to a clinic or Doctor that is best suited for you.

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Dr. Benjamin Leyva, D.C.

Dr. Benjamin Leyva is a passionate leader who is globally cultured and educated. He dedicates his life to help improve and transform lives. Born and raised in El Paso, TX and a graduate of University of Texas El Paso, Dr. Leyva chose to bring his life's work back to the city he loves.

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