Dr. Ben Leyva, D.C.

Dr. Benjamin Leyva was born in Newark clinic in the heart of segundo barrio in El Paso  TX. he had humble beginnings, he attended Houston Elementary school, Eastwood Heights, Desert View Middle School, Hanks High School, El Paso Community College, The University of Texas El Paso and finally Parker Chiropractic University in Dallas Texas. In less than one year of his practice being open Dr Leyva was voted the best Chiropractor by the El Paso Times readers and was able to grow his practice becoming one of the busiest offices in the world seeing up to 124 patients in a single day.

As a child he was diagnosed with a genetic heart condition and was told by his doctor he would be dependent on expensive medications in order to function normally. As time went on, he began developing recurring strep throat infections along with severe allergies to regular food. For Dr. Leyva, the hardest part of being sick was not finding any answers and not knowing why his body was breaking down. He was playing basketball one day while he was in college and his legs went numb and he hit the ground, he almost had back surgery but decided to give Chiropractic a shot and he hasn't looked back since. Dr Leyva was so moved by his Chiropractic experience that he decided to dedicate his life to it and he became a Doctor. In school he found out he also had damage to his neck causing his food allergies and strep throat and since he has corrected that problem he hasn't had an outbreak since then.

Dr. Leyva also recognizes how not feeling well can impact you and your family, sometimes patients come in because they have lost the ability to walk, they suffer from migraines so severe they have been under care of a neurologist for years with no results, they are being told surgery is the only option for their neck and back pain, they have gone bankrupt searching for solutions with no results in return and the emotional suffering can be devastating to people going through this. 

El Paso Chiropractor Ben Leyva
“ Hi I'm Dr Leyva. Chiropractic gave me my life back and I have dedicated my life to understanding and mastering this healing art and I want to share it with people who need it.”

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