Our Approach to Health

We understand that it can be very frustrating to go to lots of Doctors and get no answers.

Not feeling well and constantly suffering is challenging and can even affect the relationships with the people you love. Talking about what you're going through may not be easy and many times it's because we don't know all of our options when it comes to healing. 

In order to begin the journey to healing it's import to understand how our body works and what's causing our condition. 

Our job is to find the cause of your problem and the Doctor does this by taking a detailed history, reviewing your x-rays and exams he deems necessary. After putting this information together the Doctor then can let you know what the plan is. What the Doctor is looking for is interference in the structure of your muscles and nerves which could be inflamed causing problems to your nervous systems which creates your symptoms. Usually injuries to these structures occur through many small traumas for example slips, falls, or getting hit by something, even the birthing process can cause an injury if a child is pulled out of the womb incorrectly. It's very difficult and almost impossible for the Doctor to know which trauma caused your injury unless he was with you at the time of impact. We call these injuries to the spine and nervous system SUBLUXATIONS and it's the Doctors job to identify these SUBLUXATIONS and remove them.

Our job is to take pressure off your central nervous system to allow the healing process to properly take place in your body. The health of your nervous system and body depends on the proper alignment of your spine.

The Corrective Care Approach

Corrective care chiropractors work to correct the long-term devastating effects of spinal misalignments known as subluxations. Our main goal is to restore your spine to the way it was created, allowing your body to function and heal without surgery or medication. On your left is a normal spine, notice the fine structure of the bones and the spaces in between each bone, that's important because in that position there's no pressure on your nerves and you probably won't even be reading this article but if you are it could mean that your spine is mis-aligned the person on the right has what is called degeneration or " the breaking down of your structure " This person on the right has level degeneration and has had a problem for far too long and they might not be a candidate for care in our office because it's too late for us to treat them effectively. 

Stage 1 and 4 Degeneration

When your body begins to break down from the inside, it can be seen on on an x-ray and it is called degeneration. If this disease process continues for too long without correction it can become phase 4 degeneration, by this point there is very little than can be done.

With Corrective Care, at My Life Chiropractic we will take x-rays when you start and then again when you finish showing you the improvement to the structure the Doctor found needed work, and this is what sets us apart and why we get the results that we do. We do before X-Rays and after X-Rays. Depending on the severity of your condition, it can take a few weeks to a few months to attain maximum correction in our office. Each person is different but the majority of people see the maximum benefit in a two to three month treatment plan. If the Doctor could fix you with one adjustment he would but Dr Leyva cannot and he's really honest about that. We also can't accept every patient that comes through our door however we welcome you to come in for an evaluation to see if you are an candidate for corrective care with us. We hope we can help you but if we think there are better options for you we will let you know. 

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Healing is a process that requires commitment from both you and your doctor. Your decision to recover your health will be your greatest challenge.

How would you live your life if you had the health and energy you needed everyday?

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