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We now accept and work with all personal injury attorneys in El Paso if you have been in an accident and have or need an attorney call us today, we can help.

Rebeca Ceniceros

Rebecca was having sever debilitating migraines to the point where is what interfering with her work and family life, she didn't believe that treatment would help her but she decided to do it anyways since nobody else could figure out what was wrong with her. She did the treatment and at first wasn't seeing the results she wanted but she didn't give up and now she feels awesome! Her family life improved and she recommends care to everyone!

Manuel Merentes

Manny had an accident and was unable to walk for a month, we was so tired he would fall asleep just by sitting down. Manny went to another place for treatment but wasn't getting any results. He couldn't enjoy life and he was in a constant bad mood. After one treatment he felt better and says it was mind blowing. " Dr Leyva is a great Doctor and I would recommend him everyone"

April Niu

April was having trouble with her pregnancy and her Primary Doctor recommended she come see a Chiropractor she found Dr Leyva and now has had amazing results!

Carlos Gutierrez

Fell and injured himself and began to have digestion issues, after seeing a friend of his get treatment and improvement with Dr Leyva he decided to get go for an evaluation. His back problems and digestion issues improved, the costumer service is great and he would recommend treatment to everyone.

Sylvia Saucedo

Sylvia was in a car accident and was in consistent pain since 2009, her pain was so sever she would grind her teeth at night to the point the Dentist needs to replace her teeth. She had gone to another Chiropractor and was on medication but nothing was helping her. After starting care with Doctor Leyva she can now sleep, her pain is gone, her jaw is relaxed, she feels better and she is even happier because her mood has improved. Her pain was so

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