Video Testimonials

Cecilia Amaya

Had neck and back pain but was hesitant to see a Chiropractor. She had previously gone to a pain clinic and gotten cortizon shots but they didn't help her. She had to use a walker and a cane to get around, after her first adjustment she walked out of the clinic without the assistance of a cane and hasn't had to use a walker or cane since she began care.

Diana Robles

Diana was taking jars of pills for her headaches, after care with Dr Leyva she no longer takes any pills and she feels great!

Paty Lara

Paty was on headache medication since the age of 9 years old she suffered from migraines and Neurologist couldn't figure out what was wrong with her, after starting care with Doctor Leyva she went from 10 migraines a month to only one migraine in three months.

Liliana Rincon

Tenía dolor de cuello a causa de dos hernias ubicadas en dicho lugar, así mismo, doctores le decían que su única opción era cirugía. Hoy en día ya no siente dolor, puede dormir mejor y tiene mas energía.

Community Health for Charity

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Dr. Leyva El Paso Times Best Chiropractor

This is a behind the scenes look at the Best of the Border making of the video

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