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I'm a better and happier person now, my home life was being affected.

I haven't had a sinus infection since I started treatment.

I haven't had sinus allergies since I started care.

Headaches and Low Back Pain from accident Gone

Suffered from Headaches after an accident and went to Chiropractors in Ohio and California, she tried different therapies. She moved to El Paso researched Chiropractors and decided to come to Dr Leyva she immediately saw that all the reviews were true. She now feels better and would recommend care to everyone

I couldn't enjoy life because I was always tired

Had to sleep standing up, was falling into depression, I got my life back

There is still hope even after surgery

Living with constant pain after cervical spin surgery, also arthritis in his neck. After seeing Dr Leyva, no more pain killers and mobility in her neck.

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