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I was told surgery was my only option by several Doctors

I was told surgery was my only option by several Doctors

All the doctors were wrong. I can be a mom.

Carrie went to three different doctors, and all three were unable to aid her with her condition. She came to visit Dr. Leyva after having her first child as a means of improving her life.

Changed My Life

Barbara came to see Dr. Leyva after see other doctors. She had no hope and thought she had to live with her pain, but now, Dr. Leyva has changed her life.

Pain and unable to sleep

Dora has endured pain for several years while sleeping. After visiting Dr. Ben Leyva, she is able to sleep without waking up from pain for the first time in over 2 years.

Was passing out with seizures 5 times a day

Debbie was passing out and having seizures 5 times a day. She turned to Dr. Leyva for help.

Acne clearing up and able to smile again

Victoria was having a lot of back pains, trouble working out and wasn't able to lift things off the ground. After visiting My Life Chiropractic she has noticed significant improvements and even her face has cleared up from acne.

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