What to Expect At Your First Office Visit

Things to know for your first visit:

What to expect on your first day.

The reason our clinic has the results we do is because we have specific systems and our clinic functions differently from most other clinics. For this reason, we would like to explain the way our clinic works to you. The first day you come in, you will meet our front desk receptionist he or she will then give you a tour of our facilities. You will then fill out your patient application form and our receptionist will help you fill the forms out if you need help. Next, you will meet Dr. Leyva who will go over your symptoms with you and take a history. The Doctor will let you know that he needs to personally take your x-rays and analyze them, this process takes 30-45 minutes and is done that night. The Dr. will come up with a treatment plan for you based on your X-Rays and health history *if you are a candidate for care the Dr. will let you know. But, if the Dr. feels your condition isn't one that our clinic can help you with he will also let you know on your next visit and refer you to another professional best suited to your health care needs.

What to expect on your second visit

The Dr. will show you how to read your own X-rays and explain how your therapy will take place and what to expect from our treamtent. After reading your X-rays and having the consultation with Dr. Leyva we will let you know if you qualify as a patient for treatment.

Unfortunately not everyone who comes into our clinic is accepted as a patient but, we hope the Dr. will be able to help you with your condition. We look forward to meeting you!

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